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Website and intranet accessibility testing 

​If you work for federal, state or local government and need to meet website or intranet standards set in the National Transition Strategy ...  User Testing Australia can help.
​Our evaluations include:

  • A plain English version of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 (WCAG 2.0) checklist  - which demonstrates your Level A, AA and AAA conformance.
  • An easy to understand executive summary.
  • Testing web pages with screen reading software.
  • Testing your website in multiple browsers.
  • Checking foreground and background colour combinations to ensure good colour visibility.
  • Analysing content with World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) recognised web accessibility evaluation tools.
  • Testing plain English readability of page content.
  • Providing WCAG 2.0 best practice solutions with code examples where applicable.

Usability testing of your website and mobile apps

User Testing Australia helps you design usability tasks and ask users the questions that will help improve your website.
We then run your test with a number of your potential customers. We provide you with a full report with recommended actions to improve your site, based on user feedback and our knowledge and experience in:
  • working with government 
  • writing for government websites
  • developing information architecture
  • meeting National Transition Strategy and WCAG 2.0 standards for government websites.

Why remote user testing's better than group testing

We have over 30 years experience working for government, where user testing is traditionally done in a group setting by a highly paid consultant. To put it bluntly:
Group user testing is expensive. The money you save on remote user testing can be put toward actually improving your website or app.
The results are better. Remote user testers are web users in their natural environment. They feel free to tell you what they really think, without trying to please a facilitator or agree with other opinions in a group environment. This approach also allows you to test your website or mobile app on a variety of devices, operating systems, browsers and varying internet speeds. Something you won't get in a group test with everyone sitting in a government office all using the same computers and software.

You also get videos to keep that show each user navigating your site to complete tasks and providing their spoken feedback as they go.We then provide you with recommendations for improvements based on real user feedback and our expertise.

Technical writing, editing and proofreading

​User Testing Australia specialise in technical writing, proofreading and editing services for your website, intranet or mobile app. We have current experience in creating and maintaining online government guidelines and other documentation for editors, approvers and publishers including:
  • instruction manuals
  • step by step guides
  • quick reference checklists
  • policies and procedures.

​Editing of your website or mobile app

We provide expert editorial advice and create user-centric content for your website. Our services include:
  • Writing customer-focused web content for government.
  • Developing information architecture based on your customers' feedback, needs and expectations.
  • Meeting your editorial, publishing, branding and style guidelines and related policies and procedures.
  • Training editors and other content contributors from across your agency or department.

We can work with you to develop customised and comprehensive resources that address the principles, techniques and rules about writing for the web. Our solutions also include essential tips for web writers, editors and proofreaders to ensure your online content meets WCAG 2.0.

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