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Is your website accessible to everyone?

​Content should be created so that everyone can access it. This'll not only help people who use technology such as screen readers and users with low vision, but it'll ensure your website displays on the latest devices. 

Don't miss out

Accessibility features on mobile devices are being used more and more and it's changing the way people use the web. For instance, users can now listen to web content while driving home from work or in bed at the end of a hard day. People are time poor and impatient on the web. If your content doesn't work on their devices - a competitors will. If you're a government department - there's no competitor. Your customers will phone or visit you if they can't find what they need on the web, significantly increasing the cost of delivering services.
Some web users don't have a choice in how they access content. With an ageing population and four million people in Australia (18.5%) reported having a disability in 2009, the time to make a commitment to accessibility is now.

Solutions that are right for you

Equal access to websites in Australia is required by law. Maintaining an accessible site doesn't have to be a complex process. We help by:
  • Providing recommendations for your website based on advice from leading industry experts and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 best practice.
  • Checking foreground and background colour contrasts to determine if they provide good colour visibility.
  • Introducing a testing system to ensure your web content meets WCAG 2.0 accessibility compliance.
  • Performing full accessibility evaluations of your website.

​Whenever we find an error, we work toward the best approach to compliance within the limits of your Content Management System.

​If you're starting from scratch, or need a new website, we can also come up with a solution that suits your needs (and your budget).  

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